The Vespa 75th Anniversary Primavera 150

For 75 years, Vespa has become an iconic possession, with owners who value style, performance, reliability, and an enjoyable ride wherever the road may take them. In celebration of this milestone, Vespa has taken the Primavera and has allowed it to carry the limited edition badging and color scheme for this event. Mechanically, it’s identical to the standard Primavera 150, so don’t expect a boost past another i-get Vespa, except the GTS line, which will render you a gnat in their mirrors. However, when parked or cruising around town, it’s sure to garner a few gawks as the large 75 covering the sides begs the question, 75 what?

Yes, it’ll do 75, possibly…with a tailwind, riding down a steep decline, otherwise, to the knowledgeable, it’s a collectors item, destined for a place in the garage or on the local scooter club circuit. As I’ve often stated, I’m completely spoiled by my GTS, so riding the 75th feels like a toy. For those smaller riders(I’m 6’5″), it should be a very comfortable ride.

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