The Latest Offerings from SYM

For 2022, Sym introduces the Jet 14, an affordable 200cc scooter with a sharp appearance, one I’ve usually found on much more expensive models. For a mere $3,800, one gets a bike capable of highway travel, with a footprint small enough to fit up to five in an average American parking spot. More could be squeezed in with some impeccable Tetris skills. With large wheels, it certainly feels better on the open roads than even the 300cc offerings from Vespa. I haven’t tested it versus the Kymco X-town, which is the closest to this pricepoint; however, it is meant for longer trips than the Jet 14. Acceleration is brisk, catapulting the rider from the stoplight and ahead of all but the most determined cagers.

Also for 2022, the Fiddle gets a refreshed look, complete with leather donning not only the seat, but the front fascia as well. (Why leather was chosen as an accent is beyond me.) Overall, the bike gets much more rounded corners and a friendlier demeanor than past Fiddles. Unfortunately, this model wasn’t available for a ride around town, as it had only arrived that day and the dealer was hesitant to prep it right away.

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2022 Sym Jet 14

2022 Sym Fiddle

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