The GTS Super: Fun in the Yellow Sun

Yes, Vespas are fun, but few say it like this bright yellow bike I’ve now had the pleasure to ride. When it’s out and about, no one can look away, as it draws eyes automatically, as it’s the brightest object here, there, or anywhere. When blasting down the road as only the GTS can, once they’ve caught up to you at a light, the question on driver’s minds is usually the same, “how the hell did that little scooter just ignite the road?” Anytime someone questions the engine when parked, the answer of 300cc usually stuns them, as it’s double the sum they expect.

“Naw, that’s gotta be 150, maybe 200, but I’ve never heard of something like that with 300cc..”

As a GTS 300 owner myself, riding it daily to commute(in all weather types, a testament to the anti-slip system), I can safely say these are no mere pleasure craft. If one wants outright reliability, on par with the best Japan has to offer, the GTS is the bike to chose. I’ve tried about every scooter which exists in the USA, from 1964 to the modern varieties, none of which has the refinement and solid feel of the GTS 300 series. Before getting on mine, I had spent two years on a Kymco Agility 125, putting 28,000 kilometers on it in that time. The difference between the bikes is almost on the level of the contrast between light and darkness. One was slow, but reliable, the other, reliable as a rock is hard and fast enough for anyone’s needs off the highway(it is very comfortable on the highway though, below 85).

This yellow beauty checks off everything a new or experienced rider needs: Reliability, speed, style, a color scheme which could be seen day or night from orbit, and the true measure, VALUE.

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2021 Vespa GTS 300 Super

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