2021 Vespa 300 GTS Super

I have to admit, I’m somewhat biased when it comes to the 300cc Vespas, having upgraded to one after two years on a Kymco Agility 125. Now, two years on, it’s the only thing which can properly wake me each morning, as I blast down the road with a constant smile. Only the most determined drivers refuse to become gnats on my rearview mirrors. The newest GTS Super carries on the trend, offering incredible performance for those brave enough to pull the throttle with a full twist. Given my ignorance of the daily forecast from time to time, I can attest to the Vespa’s slip resistance, as I’ve never had an issue on wet roads, or a Texan thunderstorm’s possible deluge. It holds the road very well, having a solid feel most other scooters lack, having been refined over the years and using the lessons learned over more than fifty years in the industry.

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This Vespa can be found at Moxie Scooters/Vespa Colleyville, located in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. To reach them for possible delivery options, call 817-788-5333.

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