One of Seven in the World! ’06 Vespa Ferrari LX125

Once in awhile, our shop gets the rare modern Vespa 946, which are considered valuable, but they’re cheap next to this highly exclusive scooter!

The owner of this Ferrari Edition LX125 is the former owner of a Harley Davidson dealership which was located in California. When I went to pickup this bike, which just needed the most basic of services, including an oil change; which, was unexpected, as the rest of his garage featured collector vehicles with less than ten miles on the odometer.

I asked how much it was currently worth and his answer was simple, “more than the McLaren you see there,” which itself was a half million dollar supercar. So, rather than press him for more information about it, I simply did my job, loading it up as if it were rolling gold, with extreme care in tying it down. Given that this is of only SEVEN in the entire world, we stored it behind “caution” tape and a sign reading, “You CANNOT afford this, so don’t touch it!”

In my searches across the net, I found next to no information on this model, except that one had sold in the UK years ago for over $70,000, with damage on one side. All I know is that it was offered to a select few people in the motorsports industry with deep pockets. So, rather than cover everything about this bike, I’ll simply do what I do best, provide high quality images of it and let you draw your own conclusions about it.

2006 Vespa LX125 Ferrari Edition 1 of 7

2 thoughts on “One of Seven in the World! ’06 Vespa Ferrari LX125

  1. Hi.
    I bought one ET4 125 from the Ferrari store in Milan.
    It is not exactly the same: the handles of the mirrors are not in stainless steel, the odometer is different, and the lights also (they are more like the 50cc Schumacher used in the paddocks)
    I searched everywhere, but no one posted about it, apart one who talked about it in a blog (motofoz).
    Fyi: the pouch of the catalog is with the Ferrari emblem, and the seat is made by Schedoni. And I have the mails form the Ferrari store that informed me that the bike is ready for pickup.
    I am willing to share the pictures on your email.
    Any idea about its value?

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