2018 Lance Cali Classic 125 Photos

_ZPD0400In this series of photos, I must thank El Pollo Loco for opening a fine restaurant here in Texas, only to have it close a few months later, providing an excellent gray background to shoot this used motor scooter from Lance.

This was my first experience riding the Cali Classic 125, which kept me imagining beaches for some reason.  Is it just me or does this design say “beach,” not “suburban North Texas?”_ZPD0401_ZPD0413_ZPD0412_ZPD0408_ZPD0406_ZPD0415_ZPD0409_ZPD0411_ZPD0405_ZPD0404_ZPD0403_ZPD0417_ZPD0420_ZPD0418_ZPD0407_ZPD0414_ZPD0416

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