Genuine Buddy Pamplona 170i

It’s been quite awhile since I made a post, thank you Covid! Now, healthy and well, I can get back to what I love the most, testing scoots and making great photos of them. Today, I’m testing the small, toylike Genuine Buddy 170i. I’ve often thought, perhaps I should recruit a smaller rider to test these smaller bikes, as at 6’5″ tall, most bikes fit into the “toy” category. For a 170i, it has sufficient pep to allow you to stay with traffic on surface streets, but it wouldn’t be advisable to take on the highway, unless it’s rush hour and gridlock is in full effect.

Like most scooters, it’s far more economical and useful than a motorcycle, given the storage options. With this particular model, the dealer placed an aftermarket box on the rear rack, allowing one to store their helmet, bookbag(for college students), and a few personal items in it, together. Handling is excellent, given the small tires, matched to its diminutive size, allowing uncanny dexterity in heavy traffic situations, ducking in and around traffic with ease. Also, for those who require their mobile devices constantly, the addition of a usb charger is an added bonus, something many Vespas, which have a much higher entry fee, lack.

Don’t get me wrong though, this is no Vespa, however, for those without the budget for the Italian marque, this will satisfy most of your needs.

As with all of my photos, they are free for use by dealers or private parties, if a quality photo is required for sales purposes or promotions. Shout-outs are always accepted!

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