2018 Genuine Buddy 125 Photos

_DSC2278This set shows off a weakness on this day.  Burnout.  I didn’t edit these photographs outside of a crop here and there.  It was hot, I’d been shooting for most of the day, and the dealer wanted the photos quick, so I threw these together without giving them any level or real effort.

Looking back, I’m sorry you have to see these, but for me, it’s another lesson, not to overwork myself.  Don’t work two jobs, then get out into the hot sun and shoot photos of scooters without bringing a change of cloths.  (Shorts and a light shirt, not uniform, long sleeve shirt and slacks)_DSC2313_DSC2268_DSC22833_DSC227 9_DSC2283_DSC2269_DSC2286_DSC2272_DSC2290_DSC2270_DSC2281_DSC2282_DSC2285_DSC2288_DSC2292_DSC2293_DSC2294_DSC2308_DSC2312_DSC2300_DSC2296_DSC2302_DSC2305_DSC2319_DSC2322_DSC2324_DSC2323_DSC2329_DSC2334_DSC2327_DSC2336_DSC2317_DSC2289_DSC2309_DSC2314_DSC2340Genuine Buddy 125 Official Site

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