Economy vs Sporty vs Premium

In today’s post, you’re looking at three tiers of scooter. One, the Honeystar 50, is about as basic as one can get, yet it does have the appeal of matte black going for it. Next up, the Lance Cabo 200i continues the delicious matte black, along with a 118cc larger engine, a design which is both sleek and functional, plus a proven reliability. Lastly, it’s a Vespa. That’s pretty much all I need to say about it if you know them. The Vespa comes in a striking matte blue, all the amenities like traction control, fuel injection, a peppy engine, plus a body which ‘pops’ wherever it’s seen.

Click on an image to view a full size, downloadable version.

2021 Scooterstar Honeystar 50

2021 Lance Cabo 200i

2021 Vespa Primavera For City 50

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