Buddy, go Kick an Orange!

Ok, it’s not the most inventive title, but you try to be creative when up against two orange scooters, added to a wild bout of heat induced insomnia. I’m pretty sure quite a few of you have felt as if hell was seeping up through the cracks this summer, so covering a couple of smoldering orange scoots felt appropriate. While they’re not exactly my favorite scooters, given their diminutive, toy-like size(I’m 6 foot 5), I do know via the local dealer, when serviced as the manufacturer prescribes, they enjoy a very long lifespan. They are excellent commuters for those keeping to grid of the modern city or suburb, but for those who require even a moment on the highway, these should not be your first choice. In my opinion, if the highway is part of your commute, anything smaller than a 300cc model is unwise.

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2021 Genuine Buddy Kick

2021 Genuine Buddy

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