About Motofotoz

I’m Z, the creator of Motofotoz.  Since beginning inventory photography as a side hustle, shortly after the purchase of my first moto, a Kymco Agility 125, I’ve aimed at improving my craft.

My purpose with Motofotoz is to share, with photos, my journey and to offer royalty free images of every moto I capture.

“Free photos you say?”

“Yep, a right click away.”

Contact me at:


or for a more personal response, call 682-667-8132.

No scooters or motorcycles were harmed in the making of Motofotoz.  If you need proof, we can send you free photos of the motor scooters in question and, additionally, any motorcycle you feel was treated unfairly.  If you’re not satisfied with Motofotoz, please let us know.  Your critiques and comments are the only way we will grow from blog to “that cool website…where I found my motorcycle” or “where I saw some cool photos of motor scooters.”