2023 Vespa GTS 300 Lineup

Well, after my former employer decided it was time to part ways, I found myself finally able to take a job at the Vespa dealership I’ve frequented for my photos, for a surprising wage exceeding my requested compensation. Now, not only do I have the ability to talk up scooters with our customers, I can test them out properly, so long as I don’t violate the five mile limit.

Ah the GTS, a legendary badge carried by the heaviest of the Vespas, with a powerful 300 cc engine driving the back wheel with a ferocity usually reserved for motorcycles. Within the scootering world, the GTS holds a special place, being the model people often purchase for the promise of exciting launches, wonderful handling, and a silhouette that is recognized the world over.

Here, this beast is shown with the addition of carbon fiber accents, updated body elements, and a host of technological improvements over the previous year. Most GTS models require time to “break-in” before exploring the gifts of the bike, aka heart pounding acceleration, but even from mile 1, this model was able to rocket down the road without really trying.

For anyone purchasing this as your first scooter, it is advised that you hold the seat tightly between your legs and grip the handles as hard as you can, for I’ve seen too many first time riders lose control of the bike as they’re wholly unprepared for the thrust it provides!

For the models above the base GTS 300, you’ll be challenged with a quite unfriendly user interface. The manual says one thing, but in practice, it’s an anger generating experience to just change the language, clock, units, and set up the ASR. Previous GTS readouts were simple to program, but for 2023, it’s a nightmare, one, which as a dealer now, I must deal with before it goes out to the customer.

Of the console options, the mix of analog and digital is the most preferable, despite the programming issues when prepping the bike for the customer. Yes, to those whom would ask, it says 90 for a good reason, as if you push it, you’ll see that needle edging towards it. However, past eighty miles an hour, virtually all GTS models get slightly “wobbly.” It’s not something which will cause a loss of control, but it invites the rider to back off the throttle a bit.

Even with the many upgrades to the GTS line, my 2015 GTS 300 is still more than enough for me, as I’m only just now, at 14,000 miles, feeling comfortable with its many quirks. Something I really don’t care for is the addition of a digital keyfob, which requires it to be close to the console to just turn the ignition knob to START, then you can pull the brake and ignite the 300cc engine. On my GTS, I toss in the key and turn, then start and launch within a few seconds; whereas the 2023 requires at least ten to fifteen seconds to get going. You won’t be escaping the scene quickly this year, but with weaknesses come some strengths. The look of these latest models are quite attractive to my eye, but as one said, it’s an acquired taste.

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