2022 Vespa Sprint “J.B. Edition”

An excellent design once your shop removes the name for you.

Okay, I’m including this model simply because I try to feature virtually every Vespa possible, but to save time, we’ll call it the Vespa JB. The first thing I noticed about this bike was its virtually all white exterior, which really makes it stand out, even if the background itself is another shade of this color. Names aside, the shadow flames offer mixed feelings. They’re somewhat cool, I believe the model could do without them, but in the end they’re not the worst addition that could be added to a scooter, eyeing you “VIP Future Champion.”

While I wasn’t the biggest fan of the shadow flames at first, they’re starting to grow on me.

As for everything else, the Vespa is your base 50cc model, so it’s likely to attract a certain subset of the college attendee crowd, drawing jeers and crooked jaws as it meagerly passes you at the bike’s amazing zero to 60mph time of…well…eternity. You’ll never see 60mph on this bike unless modded or flying down a mountain pass, ignoring the existence of your brakes. For myself, the Sprint 50’s feel like they’re on their last gasp of power from the green light onwards. There’s no rush of reaching higher speeds, as it plows through the air as if you’re dragging a lead weight, which I guess is cool for the novice rider, or those just using it to cruise around the block of their neighborhood. Comparing this to my GTS 300?


However, for that group that loves the nameplate, it’s likely to be a solid addition to a collection revolving around it.

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