2022 Vespa Primavera 150

Battle this summer’s heatwave on a cool, stylish Primavera!

Out of the many scooters I’ve tried over the years, the Vespa Primavera holds a special honor as being the most refined feeling of them all. Given it traces a fifty year long model line, no other scooter comes close in terms of evolution. From the outset, the scooter simply bleeds the word “fun,” as it’s easily tossed about, has enough pep to almost satisfy my GTS 300 spoiled sensibilities, and turns the road into a playground with its incredible agility. Sure, it doesn’t jump off the line like a GTS, but it doesn’t need to, as its strengths lie in how it handles your commute, with a soft ride sorely missing from the performance models. On a GTS, you feel virtually every bump, but on a Primavera, those become soft humps and bounces, as if it’s trying to imitate the ride of an American land yacht.

Its on-road behavior speaks to its rich history, as no other scooter is as well made as the Vespa Primavera line. Compared to many Korean and Chinese makes, this scooter’s plastic components are few, as with all Vespas, the frame and side panels are one in the same, all metal. The chrome components, such as the trim, gives it a truly premium look up close; which of course, it is. When you consider Italian vehicles, of course there’s the legendary performance models Lamborghini and Ferrari, then a few considerations in the motorcycle arena, but then it’s Vespa’s turn to round out the offerings(I don’t acknowledge any other brands from Italy…looking at you Fiat/Lancia). As I’ve learned over the years since buying my Vespa, these models are meant to last a lifetime. With proper maintenance, there’s no telling how high your mileage may go, as I’ve seen older model’s odometers roll over.

Most people refer to virtually any scooter brand as a “Vespa,” but once they see an actual Vespa in person, they don’t make this mistake again. The clean lines, the proper fit of every last component comes together to shape a literal piece of mechanical art. One of the most common acknowledgments of its classic style is the number of people who will wave at you as you pass them. Many see it as a marque they’ll never be able to justify buying, as there are always cheaper models, but a wise man once said, “you get what you pay for,” and with Vespa, this rings true. Sure, you could buy two or even three cheaper models which may last awhile, but none can be sold for the prices a Vespa can, even with damage on the front and both sides(I know this as my Vespa GTS is beat up and still gets offers of $4k for it).

The 2022 Vespa Primavera 150

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All Photography by Zebulon Poe Doyle, chief creative at Motofotoz.com

You can find this model at Moxie Scooters, in Colleyville, Texas. Reach them at 817-788-5333.

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