2022 Scootstar Trailstar Electric

If you’re a fan of fat tires on your bicycle, but cannot deal with the muscle required to propel it even a short distance, then let me introduce you to the Trailstar, by Scootstar, one of the cheaper brands of electric bikes on the market. Despite its low entry fee, they don’t skimp on the quality or ride characteristics of this e-bike. With five power levels at your command, you can chose what feels comfortable, acceleration wise(level 5 was all I toyed with, as I’m not exactly a small person, thus I needed the extra oomph). For the uninitiated, the bike’s thrust feels a little alien, especially when you hit the throttle at the bottom of a large hill, as it’s more than enough to take you to the top without struggling. For my short ride, I took it on the road for a little hop to the local grocery store, where a couple did a double take as I rode in and around the parking lot without pedaling even once.

Given I’m mostly into scooters, it was delightful to find an e-bike I could see myself using for jaunts around the neighborhood, as it’s sturdy enough to handle my large size and has enough juice to ride several miles before the battery drops by even a single bar. If you’re in the market for an e-bike, definitely check out Scootstar, as they have two offerings, both for a price that won’t leave you with buyers remorse.

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