2022 NUI mQi GT EVO

An electric scooter with the power to surprise!

When it comes to electric scooters, your choices are limited to slow, snail-like, with a disappointing top speed, that was, until I was able to get my hands on the NUI mQi GT EVO. This bike has many great things going for it, most of all, its ability to quickly accelerate and reach speeds which allow it to compete with virtually every 125cc scooter on the market, and many 150cc models. Given its brisk nature, riding it is a joy, and the lack of an engine or exhaust note means the woosh of the wind is your only companion.

Its behavior, as a scooter, is excellent, as it feels as if it’s been refined, or at least engineered with a strong emphasis on its agility. The mQi GT EVO can be tossed around without fear, as given its electric nature, breaking in isn’t necessary, you can twist to your hearts delight from mile 1. I can attest to this, as for my time with it, holding back wasn’t something I attempted. As soon as I hit its green start button, I selected “Sport Mode,” then rocked the town with silence. For someone who’s accustomed to scooters requiring gas, it’s oddly pleasurable to do without that constant reminder you’re burning fuel.

The company says 60mph is its top speed. This isn’t true, as I had it up to 63mph, and feel it will do far more, as on the center stand, with throttle engaged, it displayed a speed of 79mph. This requires a test as soon as the dealer receives another one, to see just how high it will go. The range is somewhat disappointing, with 46 miles on average, per the company website. You can charge it relatively quickly, in a mere five hours, so it’s possible to use it for a lengthy commute to work if you can find a power outlet to utilize once there.

As for reliability, the local dealer hasn’t had any sold over the past year returned for any reason, which speaks volumes about them, as even Vespas can have the odd fix required within the first year of ownership. Overall, it’s a sound bike with brisk acceleration and the ability to replace your 125-150cc bikes. It’s not quite a Vespa GTS competitor, but it feels as if that domino will fall sooner than later.

This bike can be found at Moxie Scooters in Colleyville, Texas, a dealer offering delivery statewide and to locations in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

Follow this link to the manufacturer’s website, featuring the entire lineup from NUI.

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