2021 Vespa GTS 300 Touring

Touring via Vespa? Yes, it’s quite possible, as I myself have done it, albeit the tour was a test to see if a GTS felt secure to travel from one side of a state to the next. On the highways, it’s a very solid feel up to 75 mph, but beyond, it’s a little wobbly, so higher speeds should be used for passing and little else. Off the highway, the GTS, with its small wheels is by far one of the most maneuverable vehicles one could own, as it gives the rider the ability to avoid obstacles and traffic which would stop others. In the twisties, the GTS defines fun, as it has the pep needed to launch out of a curve and the slip resistance certainly helps when one encounters the one gravel covered turn.

Even if it’s not used for travels, the GTS Touring is a worthy commuting vehicle, as the incredible gas mileage, combined with its handling, means it can easily handle the trip to work, the local grocery store, or to pick up the little one from school.

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