2021 Piaggio Liberty S: Two options

Today on Motofotoz, we preview two new Piaggio Liberty S models, in the Grigio Materia and Bianco color schemes. First available on the Vespa GTS Super, the Grigio Materia’s neutral gray color fits in in almost any environment, looking as good parked beside a Bentley or a dumpster. The Bianco, or “Liberty Stormtrooper Edition” is equally a standout wherever the rider stops. With their large wheels, the Piaggio Liberty handles even the roughest pothole strewn roads with ease. With a 150cc engine, the Liberty won’t win the rider any speed records, but it is exceptionally nimble, with a demeanor which begs the rider to toss it about on a twisty path. Both models have Bosch brakes with the added safety of front wheel ABS to ensure one doesn’t find themselves flying over their scooter when Grandma suddenly slams on her brakes ahead of you.

Personally, given my current scooter is a Vespa GTS 300, the Liberty S doesn’t offer the performance or refinement I demand from my commuter, but for those whom are upgrading from a 50-125cc scooter, this Italian beauty is definitely worth checking out!

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