2019 150cc Vespa Sprint Photos

_ZPD0883_ZPD0882_ZPD0881_ZPD0880_ZPD0879_ZPD0878_ZPD0876_ZPD0874_ZPD0872When your computer gets destroyed by a spill, you switch to your backup, as I did, only to have its inferior screen destroy the look of my series.  So, do you wait to have it repaired, or simply continue as best you can?  Well, in the future, I’m going to wait, as this series proves patience is a virtue.

Yes, it looks like two different scooters, or two different eras.  The images above look new and the time, recent.  Those below give the Vespa Sprint a vintage look and the photograph sourced from, what, the 70’s?

UPDATE:  Now that I’m upgrading Motofotoz, I look back and part of me wants to re-edit these photos to match the others; however, I feel it’s better to keep the failure intact, to admit to my mistakes, as we all make them._ZPD0871_ZPD0870_ZPD0869_ZPD0868_ZPD0866_ZPD0867Again, the old laptop strikes and the images of the Vespa Sprint take on an otherworldly, highly appealing look in those below._ZPD0857_ZPD0852_ZPD0853_ZPD0854_ZPD0855_ZPD0856Oops, white clipping in the image above.  Only noticed once posted, but it’s a lesson and I’ll add it to the list of things to watch for in the future._ZPD0886_ZPD0885_ZPD0887_ZPD0862_ZPD0861_ZPD0860_ZPD0890_ZPD0904_ZPD0895_ZPD0900_ZPD0898_ZPD0893_ZPD0892_ZPD0891_ZPD0884

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